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Disposable Surgical Masks, Type IIR - (Pro Safe Plus Gamma) - Made in Spain - Resistant to splashes and with Bidirectional Filtration certified by EUROFINS. Black colour, 50 pieces.

Composed of three layers of 100% hydrophobic polypropylene (TNT Spunbond + TNT Meltblown + TNT Spunbond). Manufactured with top quality components, they have hydrophobic properties and are made of certified materials.

- Their Bacterial Filtration Efficiency is greater than 99% (BFE).
- Breathability, in terms of Differential Pressure, less than 60 Pa/cm2.
- Splash resistance ≥ 16kPa.
- Microbial cleanliness ≤ 30UFC/g.

Legal Notice: Class I Medical Device - Disposable single-use mask. - Complies with the requirements of EN 14683:2019 + AC:2019 - AEMPS LICENSE 7969-PS.

*The shade/colour of the mask may vary slightly depending on the resolution of the monitor and/or the manufacturing batch.

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