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Disposable Surgical Masks, Type IIR - (Pro Safe Plus Gamma) - Made in Spain - Resistant to splashes and with Bidirectional Filtration certified by EUROFINS. Pack of 40 or 120 units (half of the units in White and the other half in Pink).

Composed of three layers of 100% hydrophobic polypropylene (TNT Spunbond + TNT Meltblown + TNT Spunbond). Manufactured with top quality components, they have hydrophobic properties and are made of certified materials.

- Their Bacterial Filtration Efficiency is greater than 99% (BFE).
- Breathability, in terms of Differential Pressure, less than 60 Pa/cm2.
- Splash resistance ≥ 16kPa.
- Microbial cleanliness ≤ 30UFC/g.

Legal Notice: Class I Medical Device - Disposable single-use mask. - Complies with the requirements of EN 14683:2019 + AC:2019 - AEMPS LICENSE 7969-PS.

*The shade/colour of the mask may vary slightly depending on the resolution of the monitor and/or the manufacturing batch.

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